Themed Itineraries: from Caracalla to Coliseum


Our walk in the Eternal City of Rome, suspended between history and legend, begins from the Terme di Caracalla, extraordinary testimony to the grandeur that was adequate to the emperors’ power. Inaugurated in 217 A.D. by Antonino Caracalla, from which they took their name, could accommodate up to 1,600 people in baths of hot and […]


Rome, The Great Beauty of the Orange Garden of Savello Park


Savello Park, better known as the Orange Garden is a small terrace overlooking the Tiber from the Aventino hill. From this angle, the most loved and frequented the city, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Rome. The park covers the area of ​​the ancient fortress built by the Savelli Family between […]


Baroque Rome: Piazza Navona


One of the famous and typical urban complexes of Baroque Rome. Buildings, built on the ruins of the Domitian stadium (of which the actual square preserves the shape and dimensions) mark its outline. Tournaments, festivals and races took place through the centuries in Piazza Navona. Since the 17th century ’til mid-19th century, on Saturdays and […]