About us

Founded in 1992 by Gilberto Stanzioni, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service seeks to fulfill its mission of offering an array of exclusively guided tours for small groups, couples, and individuals during their stay in Italy. Leading as one of Italy’s top private shore excursion companies, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service is comprised of a safe, licensed, and fully insured group of professional tour drivers and tour guides. We offer our clientele private, customized tours with highly trained, English-speaking tour drivers that will introduce you to our enchanting and artistic country. Discovery Tours & Limousine Service provides a vast variety of options for cultural and historical sightseeing, such as the “Eternal City” of Rome, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Pisa, Florence, and many others. At a relatively low cost, these packages are ideal for families or small groups who want to enjoy personalized and intimate experiences of Rome, Florence, or whatever destination you choose to explore in Italy.

From the moment you arrive in Italy, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service can handle all of your trip arrangements, including transfers from the airport, and selecting the ideal tour program for your party. When you want to see Rome, Naples, Florence and other areas of Italy in a comfortable and stylish environment, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service is the way to go!

Packages can be customized to suit your schedule however you’d like, allowing you the most flexibility while your tour driver entertains you through the wonderful streets of Italy. Our courteous and experienced tour drivers are prepared to provide a flexible and always luxurious Italian sightseeing experience. We offer you online access to our reservation system, and provide email confirmations and receipts for all bookings.

We can proudly say, business or pleasure, family or friends, private or corporate, our priority is to provide you with the highest quality of service, ensuring that you always have an extraordinary and memorable visit to Italy.

Time spent with Discovery Tours Limousine Service is more than just a ride in a fine automobile; it’s about the level of service we’ve built our name upon, and a reputation we work hard to maintain.


Thanks to the help and support of its clients since its establishment in 1992, Italy’s Discovery Tours & Limousine Service has enjoyed twenty-one consecutive years of incredible growth. Our service commitment has resulted in repeat business, referrals, and long-term relationships with hundreds of clients from all throughout the world.

By means of working with a broad base of clientele, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service GUARANTEES high quality services, providing a variety of tour packages. From the simplest business trip to a romantic honeymoon, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service can accommodate your entire tour in the breathtaking country of Italy.

Providing great deals on daily, weekly, or monthly limousine tours and multi-city packages, Discovery Tours & Limousine Service has increased its car fleet and excellent customer care, bringing you a full selection of brand new Mercedes Benz automobiles. Discovery tours Limousine service has all necessary permits released from the government to chauffeur the public and all vehicles are fully insured for $2.8 million per trip. Note, only with a professional driver and authorized vehicle can you drive through the bus-lane and the center of the city, a normally traffic-closed area.

Tour drivers
Our highly knowledgeable and professional tour drivers are fully licensed to drive a vehicle classified as public transportation (our limos.) Ordinarily, one of our tour drivers speak more than one foreign language and have an in-depth knowledge of Italian history and art. Some tour drivers are also licensed tour escorts or local guides. While English-speaking drivers are fairly common in most cities, English-speaking tour drivers aren’t as easy to find. The difference between an English-speaking driver and a tour driver is seen in the depth of intellect and knowledge provided to you by him/her.

Tour drivers are professionally trained to ensure that you get what you are looking for in the way of culture, fun, historical sights, museums, landscapes, restaurants, and whatever else you may want out of your excursion. The amount of information provided by one of our tour drivers will be more thorough and personalized to your particular interests than what would be offered by an English-speaking driver. However, in many European cities, a tour driver may not be allowed to guide tours through major churches and museums where such explanations are restricted to local city guides (WG). A tour driver is ideal for you if you are not familiar with the place you’re visiting and you want to see as many sites as possible in a the amount of time you have, whether that be a half-day or a full-day. One of our tours will be perfect for you if you want a designed, perfect itinerary for yourself without going into extremely time-consuming and deep details at every place you visit. A tour driver’s range is not limited to one city, but will be able to provide information concerning various Italian and/or European cities, as opposed to a local guide, whose knowledge is very insightful but indeed limited to only one city.

English Speaking Drivers
Our English-speaking drivers are all very experienced and accustomed to hosting foreign tourists, as well as exceptionally familiar with the sights you will undoubtedly want to visit. If during your pre-cruise research you have made a list of “must-sees” for any given port, our drivers will gladly take you wherever you may want to go. If by chance, however, you did not have the time or inclination to “do your homework” before travelling, our drivers will design an itinerary that includes all the highlights. All our drivers speak English and give general historical and art information according to their knowledge while entertaining the clients with a commentary during the itinerary. Drivers are not allowed, by an agreement with the labor union, to enter monuments, museums or churches.

Tour escort Guide
A tour escort guide is training to be a guide but does not yet have the license. Their services are actually the most requested for the reason that most are still in school and study frequently and thoroughly. They give you more or less the same information as the professional guides would. They speak English and are well mannered; however, due to strict Italian laws and regulations that protect officially licensed guides, our tour escorts and driving-guides can explain the sights only from inside the vehicle but are not allowed to do so once out. For this reason, their services cost less than licensed tour guide services do.

City Guide (or Specialized Guide)
City Guides are specialized and licensed to guide in one specific city or limited area. Local culture, history and traditions are so different from area to area—even from city to city—that no single guide can possibly become as highly knowledgeable about a whole country or region as a specialized guide is about his/her area of expertise. Therefore, many local governments have chosen to assure the integrity of the local culture by licensing only those who have had a formal education and have proved to be knowledgeable and qualified to represent their area or city. Tours conducted by city guides are commonly very intense and exceedingly detailed.