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    Sulmona private tour

    Today your tour driver will take you “off the beaten path” to enjoy a day excursion to Sulmona. Once arrived in Sulmona your tour driver will introduce you to the history of this charming little town and will give you some free time to walk around and explore the area. Sulmona has several squares, churches and palaces of historical significance. Sulmona is also famous across Italy and beyond for the production of the country’s finest sugared almonds, known in Italian as “confetti”. They can be found at almost any important event, from weddings, christenings, graduation or anniversaries. The region of Abruzzo is well known for the great food and strong wines, too. Your driver will recommend a great restaurant for lunch! And visit to the Confetti factory and Museum is a must. The museum features well-preserved original equipment and photos, and of course you can taste and buy confetti too. At the end of this exciting day you will enjoy a relaxing journey back to Rome.

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    Abruzzi Region, Italy’s incredible wilderness

    Abruzzo is one of those region, nestled in the heart of Italy. It is most famous for the rugged Appennine Mountain range and the idyllic Adriatic sea coastline. The Nature of this gorgeous region, just a few hours away from Rome, is so diverse that Abruzzo is considered the Greenest Region of Europe. Hard to believe otherwise.

    Dotted with charming medieval villages, ancient ruins, and national parks.  It offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in both history and nature.

    There are many things to see and do around here.

    Visit Sulmona: A charming town, known for its confetti festival, its majestic medieval palaces and quaint city center. Rocca Calascio and Castel Del Monte, rustic villages with phenomenal medieval architectures and an impressive mountain backdrop. Campo Imperatore is also an impressive little town, also called “Little Tibet” a stone village nestled in the serenity of the mountain range.

    Abruzzo is also famous for its scrumptious dishes, featuring hearty meals made with local ingredients.

    From vegetable based meals to grilled meat like the typical Arrosticini, tender lamb skewers. Or maccheroni alla chitarra a square-shaped pasta homemade with a tool called “chitarra”, accompanied by fresh tomato sauce, usually.

    There’s also some things that are particularly famous in Abruzzo. Like the confetti di Sulmona, obviously: Sulmona is world renowned for centuries of history in the Confetti industry. Sugar coated almonds, unique and typical Italian Party favors. They have Medieval origins and were created in the 13th century. But they were in fact introduced in this town by Benedictine Monks that have started a world famous tradition.

    This region is all about the good food! The simpler of things are always the most delicious, from a simple Pasta dish to barbecue and desserts

    Visiting the Abruzzo Region with us, you will get in touch with a hidden part of Italy, made of century-long traditions, architectures and food, surrounded by breathtaking views, in the outskirts of one of the most beautiful place in the World.

    If you don’t see any tour in this category that would suit your needs, reach out to us. We will craft the perfect experience of the Abruzzi for you.