Our means of transportation have been selected specifically in order to meet with the requirements of our customers. You will enjoy safety, security, comfort, luxury, sophistication, and style while riding in one of our vehicles. In addition, we provide necessities to customers who require any special needs, in order to ensure that their journey is spent relaxed and pleasurable. Our limousine vehicles range from top-of-the-line Mercedes saloons to 6 and 8 seat Minivans.

    See pictures and details below: Thank you for your interest in our selection of limousines. We will be happy to help you find the limousine which best suits your needs.

    Mercedes E class

    Passengers: 4 max      Suitcases: 4 max

    Mercedes S class

    Passengers: 4 max    Suitcases: 4 max

    Mercedes V class Premium Limovan

    Passengers: 6 max    Suitcases: 6 max

    Mercedes V class minivan

    Passengers: 7/8 max    Suitcases: 10 max

    Mercedes Sprinter minibus

    Passengers: 8max    Suitcases: 15 max

    Mercedes Sprinter bus

    Passengers: 20 max    Suitcases: 20 max