Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation 15 or more days in advance- Tours are refundable until 15 days before the date of the tour. Each tour or transfer refund is subject to a 75 EURO administration fee (for banking purposes). That fee will be deducted from the refund amount of each canceled tour/transfer. Please understand that items such as prepaid meals or entrance fees are not refundable. Only the client or their authorized Travel Agent can make a cancellation. We cannot honor cancellation requests from your cruise line or its employees. All cancellations must be requested in writing by email or fax.

    *From 14 to 8 days: 25% of the total cost
    *From 7 to 5 days: 50% of the total cost
    *From 4 to 0 days and no show: 100% of the total cost

    Please Note – Upon request we can arrange reservations for a tour, with separate payments to split the cost. In case of cancellation, separate refunds can be issued to the cards used for the booking. The Admin fee of 75 Euros will be deducted in total for each booked service, not from each card, but divided into fractions; for example, should you use 2 cards to make split payments for one reservation, the Admin fee will be split into 2 and deducted from the cards, at the issuing of your refund. Furthermore, All our rates are not per person but per vehicle i.e. type of transportation and vehicle sizes big enough to satisfy your groups needs and don’t include meals, entrance fees for museums and monuments & booking fees. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Rates AND Terms may subject to change depending on availability & seasonality. We highly recommend to proceed with your booking as soon as possible in order to secure the published price.

    Cancellations Due to Cruise Ship No Show – In case your cruise line does not come into port due to severe weather, mechanical problems or political unrest. During these circumstances, our Company will not be able to provide direct refunds. The customer or their travel agent will have to send us the cancellation request in writing, by email in the 24 hours of the booked date. It will be our duty to provide the customer with the appropriate documentation (receipt, invoice etc), to submit to the attention of the Cruise-line assistance center or Travel Insurance, who will be happy to provide you with the reimbursement.

    Client No Shows – No refunds will be provided to any customer who does not show up for a tour at the designated time or place (unless the cruise ship does not come into port). Likewise, no refund will be provided if a client chooses to shorten a tour, or not use an element or entrance ticket purchased as part of the tour. Tours operate in a variety of weather and/or political conditions, and no refunds will be made to any customer who chooses not to participate in a tour for these reasons when the cruise ship comes to port and the tour operator deems it completely safe to operate.
    Changes – Changes to confirmed tours must be requested in writing by email at least 72 hours in advance of the tour. Discovery Tours will do all it can to make the requested changes, however we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible. Changes made less than 72 hours in advance must be made by calling the local tour operator by telephone. In the event that you request a last minute change to a tour which increases the price, payment must be settled directly with the local tour company, in their local currency. There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, based on one or more members of your private group being unable to join the tour for any reason.
    Tickets to monuments, museums etc. purchased through Discovery Tours, will be reserved by the Company 3 months prior to the date of the tour, in order to guarantee availability. In case of cancellation, tickets are refundable only up to 3 months prior to the tour date.
    Discovery Tours has the right to make changes to any tour without notice. Changes are typically only made based on current events or traffic delays. These changes are made to make your experience the best possible, and to fulfill our commitment to return you to your ship on time.
    Disputes – Customers who dispute Discovery Tours credit card charge by filing a charge-back notice with their credit card company, will be charged a € 75 EURO administration fee (per charge-back) by Discovery Tours if the charge-back is ruled in the favor of Discovery Tours Srl. by the financial institution.
    TRAVEL INSURANCE We strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance to cover cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, or those beyond your control. Also we recommend a medical and personal insurance to cover medical expenses and loss of baggage or personal belonging.