Covid-19 has taken a toll on everyone’s plans in the past months. From the work market to the travel industry, the Coronavirus pandemic has
affected so many around the globe. World wide travel and tourism is greatly suffering. The situation we are all in has shown us that it is primal to support one another and work together, for better days to come.

That’s why we encourage you to support Tourism and the Travel industry, by avoiding canceling your travel plans and requesting to postpone your services instead. So that Tour operators and travel providers can regroup and find best solutions for next year’s activities.

What the Italian Government is doing to protect the travel industry

With the terrible health emergency involving the entire Nation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Italian Government has taken exceptional measures to defend the companies operating in the Travel Industry to avoid a default, through the combined provisions of the following Legislative decrees:

  • Decree n° 6 of February 23 2020
  • Decree n° 9 art. 28 of March 2 2020
  • Decree n° 18 art. 88 of March 17 2020

The combined provision is now regulated by the Legislative act n° 27 of April 24 2020. In which article n°88-bis provides accurate and detailed guidelines in relation to “the Reimbursement of Travel & Tour packages of any sort”. The law foresees the emission of a credit voucher, usable within a year of its issue, equal to the total amount paid.

Paragraph 10 of Article n°88-bis stipulates that the above mentioned regulations also apply to online bookings made through any Touristic & Travel company’s website and expressly states that the contractual terms and conditions originally foreseen between the parties do not apply.

In addition, according to Paragraph n° 13 of the above mentioned article, the provisions represent a necessary implement to Article n° 17 of the n°218 Law of May 31,1995 and to Article n° 9 of the n°593/2008 Regulation (CE) of June 17, 2008, of the European Parliament and Council.

Therefore, according to the above regulations and in line with the Governmental dispositions, and professional organizations, Discovery Tours can provide a credit voucher to their customers, instead of a reimbursement.
In order to guarantee greater flexibility, our Company has decided to extend the validity of the credit voucher to December 31 2022, as well giving the opportunity of surrendering the credit voucher to third parties, upon communication to our Company.

You will have the possibility of rearranging your trip and our services in a 2-year time frame, or the chance to give them to your friends, relatives or other.

For all of our customers who’ve contacted us in regards to cancellations or rearrangements, we can assure you we are working through each and every inquiry as best as we can. If you have already contacted us for these matters, do not worry, there is no need to follow up
on the situation. As you can imagine, we are experiencing an over flow of requests and emails over the last months, so we deeply appreciate your patience during the unprecedented times.


Cancellation 15 or more days in advance- Tours are refundable until 15 days before the date of the tour. Each tour refund is subject to a 75 EURO administration fee + 22% taxes (VAT) on the total amount paid. That fee will be deducted from the refund amount of each canceled tour. Only the client or their authorized Travel Agent can make a cancellation. We cannot honor cancellation requests from your cruise line or its employees. All cancellations must be requested in writing by email or fax.

  • *From 14 to 8 days: 25% of the total cost
  • *From 7 to 5 days: 50% of the total cost
  • *From 4 to 0 days and no show: 100% of the total cost

Please Note – Upon request we can arrange reservations for a tour, with separate payments to split the cost. However each transaction will be considered an individual booking and will be subject to Administration fees.

Cancellations Due to Cruise Ship No Show – Discovery Tours will honor a 50% refund in case your cruise line does not come into port due to severe weather, mecchanical problems or political unrest. To receive a 50% refund for these rare cases, the customer or their travel agent will have to submit the refund request in writing, by email in the 24 hours of the tour date. In any case, Discovery Tours will have to withhold 75 Euros from the reimbursement, for administrative fees. Please understand that items such as prepaid meals or entrance fees are not refundable.

Client No Shows – No refunds will be provided to any customer who does not show up for a tour at the designated time or place (unless the cruise ship does not come into port). Likewise, no refund will be provided if a client chooses to shorten a tour, or not use an element or entrance ticket purchased as part of the tour. Tours operate in a variety of weather and/or political conditions, and no refunds will be made to any customer who chooses not to participate in a tour for these reasons when the cruise ship comes to port and the tour operator deems it completely safe to operate.

Changes – Changes to confirmed tours must be requested in writing by email at least 72 hours in advance of the tour. Discovery Tours will do all it can to make the requested changes, however we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible. Changes made less than 72 hours in advance must be made by calling the local tour operator by telephone. In the event that you request a last minute change to a tour which increases the price, payment must be settled directly with the local tour company, in their local currency. There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, based on one or more members of your private group being unable to join the tour for any reason.

Tickets to monuments, museums etc. purchased through Discovery Tours, will be reserved by the Company 3 months prior to the date of the tour, in order to guarantee availability. In case of cancellation, tickets are refundable only up to 3 months prior to the tour date.

Discovery Tours has the right to make changes to any tour without notice. Changes are typically only made based on current events or traffic delays. These changes are made to make your experience the best possible, and to fulfill our commitment to return you to your ship on time.

Disputes – Customers who dispute Discovery Tours credit card charge by filing a chargeback notice with their credit card company, will be charged a € 75 EURO administration fee (per chargeback) by Discovery Tours if the chargeback is ruled in the favor of Discovery Tours Srl. by the financial institution.

TRAVEL INSURANCE We strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance to cover cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, or those beyond your control. Also we recommend a medical and personal insurance to cover medical expenses and loss of baggage or personal belonging.

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