Spring in Italy: 10 Best places to visit



    Ah, Spring!
    Spring is on its way and with her come the beautiful weather.
    Spending a weekend during Spring in Italy is always a wonderful idea, because our Country is filled with beautiful places to discover this time of year.

    Where to go this Spring in Italy? We certainly recommend visiting beautiful outdoors and countrytowns that transform for the season.

    There are so many places to visit, it would be impossible to write them all down. So here is our Top 10 choices for our personal favorite places to see in Spring during an Italian vacation.

    10 Best places to see during Spring in Italy

    1. First place is dedicated to one of our clients’ absolute favorites, The Ninfa Gardens.Ninfa Gardens in the spring
      Adjacent to the clear water streams that flowed from the Lepini Mountain chain, a temple in devotion to the Nymphs was built in Roman times.
      These magical creatures were goddesses, protectors of the water springs and forrests and were worshipped in this region of Rome’s countryside. Hence the name, the Gardens of Nymphs.But these weren’t at all Gardens, in the beginning. In fact it was a florishing Medieval Town, located in the only junction point with Rome on an ancient Roman road that leads to the South of Italy.
      In the 11th Century, Ninfa was proclamed a Town and was ruled by various Noble families since then. In 1298 Benedetto Caetani, aka Pope Boniface the 8th, has bought the estate of Ninfa and other surrounding territories, for his nephew Peter Caetani II.

      The Pope’s family, begun the restaurations of the first buildings of this now abandoned medieval town, they dug up a river bed, planted trees and plants from all over the World, to create the modern days Gardens that we all know today, taken care of by 3 women that started a foundation of preservation: the British Ada Bootle Wilbraham, her sister in law an American called Marguerite Chapin, and her niece Lelia.

      In 1977 with the death of Lelia, the Gardens were donated to the Foundation Roffredo Caetani, in charge of preserving this immense beauty.

      Today the Ninfa Gardens is considered one of the most beautiful English-style gardens in Italy.
      Walking through ornamental cherry and apple trees in bloom, magnolia trees, birches, irises and a sensational variety of Japonese maple trees is one of the most romantic experiences in Spring.


    2. A truly unmissable place to see in this season is the Amalfi Coast in second place.Ravello in the spring
      Spring is the perfect frame to fully capture the true essence of the Amalfi coast and its pearls. It’s what we consider to be one of the places to see at least once in a lifetime.Enjoy a trip down the Amalfi coast!
      Starting with Positano, the citadel known for its breathtaking coast and the colorful little houses perched on the side of the mountain sliding all the way down to the seaside. People who enjoy hiking and the outdoors, might enjoy a nice excursion along “il Sentiero Degli Dei” the trail of the Gods, a panoramic hike with incredible views, that are capable to leave anyone speachless.

      And how about Amalfi? Other than giving this region its name, it hosts a beautiful Duomo, a Basilica, and a trail called Vallone delle Ferriere, rich with waterfalls and panoramic views.But the view of the entire Gulf is absolutely spectacular from Ravello as well. This town is particularly known for three special Estates, Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone and the Infinite Terrace, perfect spots for a Romantic outing.
      Speaking of romance, we highly recommend eating in one of the many panoramic restaurants in the area, to sample local delicacies like the famous Cetara’ anchovies, spaghetti con le vongole, and pastries from Sal de Riso a Minori.

    3. For a definitely romantic spring vacation, third place is dedicated to Venice.Venice in spring
      During a trip to Venice you absolutely have to visit the most iconic spots of the City, Saint Mark’s Square and the Basilica above all.
      Flowing not far from the magnificent Basilica is the busy Grand Canal, which crosses the city for over 4 kilometers, splitting the downtown area in half. A tour of the Grand Canal could be the highlight of a Venice vacation.Another unmissible location is the Peggy Guggenheim museum, the most renowned Art collection in Italy dedicated to european and american artists from the mid 1900s.

      The Beauty of the city is reflected in every possible aspect. Including gastronomy. One of the most famous local dishes are the “Cicchetti”, for sure. This sort of appetizer is kind of like tapas, fish based or with vegetables, polenta, eggs and achovies and more! A finger food to enjoy with a glass of wine, that venetians call “Un Ombra de Vin“. Other famous local dishe are “Risi e Bisi” (reezee eh beezee), a risotto with peas, a dish dedicated to the City’s Holy Patron, and liver à la Venetian, accompanied with artichockes, typically grown in the lagoon.

    4. If you are looking for something absolutely unexpected and less known, fourth place is dedicated to Villa Lante and Bagnaia.Villa Lante in spring
      A few Kilometers away from Viterbo, in the Roman countryside, lays a magnificent Italian Style mannerist garden. Villa Lante della Rovere in Bagnaia is one of the most impressive creations from the Italian 1500s and it hosts a magnificent Park.This garden consists of a system of buildings, fountains, waterfalls and other artistic waterworks, hedges and groves, niches and secret gardens and labyrinths, creating a delightful surprise effect. But the predominent element inside this garden is a system of fountains and waterfalls that stream from five levels of balconies, one on top of the other.

      Other highlights in this Estate are definitely the Fountain of the Square, embellished with a group of amazing sculptures, the Fountain of the Lumini, which includes 70 water jets shooting from tiny cups, the Fountain of the Table and the Cardinal’s hall, where the previous owner, Cardinal Gambara, used to entertain his guests during summer events.One of the most curious buildings in the park is the “freezer“, a barrel-shaped construction from the early 17th century, built almost 10 meters deep into the ground, which was filled with snow during the winter, to maintain the Cardinals food fresh.

    5. On a trip North of Rome, a fantastic place to visit during spring is Florence, Tuscany. Specifically the Medici Castle Villa, Villa Medicea di CastelloRoyal Villa in springPerched on the gentle hills in the surroundings of Florence, this estate is called the Royal villa.
      It is one of the most ancient Country residences of the Medici family since 1477. This Villa, officially the Castle, is named after the nearby Roman aqueduct (castellum, in latin), which was restored by Cosimo the First in 1537. Later in history this villa was breaking ground to shape the minds of many influential figures such as Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco, it’s where Boticelli painted his famous “the Birth of Venus” and “Spring“, later transferred to the Uffizi Museums.This Villa was declared Unesco World heritage and from 1966 on it hosts the Crusca Accademy, so its viewable officially, only in special occasion. But still noteworthy. Also it’s surrounding gardens are open to public all year round. But holds a special place in our hearts, especially during Spring time.It was created in 1538 e depicted as the perfect representation of a typical Italian 1500s garden.The Garden hosts marvelous fountains, like the one of Hercules and Antheus, and beautiful bronze sculptures, the Caves of the Animals and the Flood, and other curiousities.

      The garden also hosts a rich variety of 500 types of plants and trees, and citrus trees, for which it’s known all over the World. Some plants are said to be over three hundred years old.

      All in all, to view an explosion of colors, surrounded by an incredible spring atmosphere with flowers and trees and historical buildings, this is the place to be, for sure.


    6. The next location is impossible to describe all at once. So, in honor of Springtime, we will just tell you about the beautiful gardens of one of the most famous and noble palaces in all of Europe: The Royal gardens of the Palace of Caserta.Palace of Caserta in the spring 

      The Royal Garden of the Palace of Caserta is the perfect testimony of how the Noblemen Luigi Vanvitelli and his son Carlo have embedded the unique style of Versailles with the traditional Renaissance gardens in Italy.More than really big park than a garden, you can walk along the Via d’Acqua, a path to admire the characteristic waterworks like the Fountain Margherita and discover the statues included in the fountain of the God of winds.A day walking in these beautiful gardens are absolutely a must do during Spring in Italy. A skip the line ticket will be necessary for you to book, to guarantee entrance in this beautiful park. We highly recommend a guided tour of the English garden section of the Park. Created by John Andrew Graefer, this English Garden hosts a cryptoporticus (a closed gallery) and the so called Baths of Venus, other than exceptional species of plants from all over the World.

    7. In 7th place we recommend the jewel of the Dolomites, the Braies LakeBraies Lake in springSpringtime in Italy could possibly be the best season to visit the Braies Lake in the Dolimites’ mountains. Tourists begin to gather around the summer, so these are the perfect few months to visit, for some peace and quiet, intune with nature.Also the typical spring colors return to dominate the lakeside, while the greys and whites of the winter dispappear. A real gem, hidden in the Mountain range, wrapped in a hug of evergreens and forrests that awaken in Spring.This place is one of the most photographed places in the World. The clear emerald waters, offer an incredible reflections in an amazing pallette of every shade of green, greys and silver.If you arrive early in the morning you could even rent one of the local boats and paddle your way to the center of the Lake for the most beautiful 360° view of this incredible Mountain panorama.
    8. In 8th position we place Portofino on the Liguria Riviera.Portofino in spring
      One might think that it’s always Springtime in Liguria. Because of the warm pleasant weather basically all year long, wrapped in a triumph of smells and colors in such a magican season.Spring is maybe the best season to visit the area, to fully appreciate long relaxing walks on the seaside, in the beautiful surrounding hamlets and artistic cities. Bike tours in the regional parks or happy hours on a boat at sunset.Portofino offers so many beautiful activities in Spring. The Star of the Liguria Riviera, this town is a very exclusive holiday destination in Italy. The ancient fishermen’s wharf with its tiny little colored houses is now a favorite place to be for the Vip and wealthy touristers. This beautiful town is incorporated in a bay at the feet of the promontory on the Western side of the Tigullio Gulf.

      The beauty of Portofino lays in its peculiar position, in a protected bay, facing the Levante riviera, framed in a unique urban and natural landscape: the historical buildings, the churches, the famous little town squares, the tiny dock and the Brown Castle and Light house, all surrounded by the rocks of the promontory in a typical Mediterranean setting. What an unmissable place to be, during Springtime in Italy.

    9. In Ninth position is a beautiful little town known for tiny flowers and sugared almonds, SulmonaSulmona in spring 

      This place is known all over the World as a city of love and art. In this panoramic spectacle, the streets fill with colors and flowers during Spring. And a flowery scent of almond all year round.The downtown of Sulmona has a dozen boutiques and artisanal shops selling the town’s primary product: sugared almonds.
      Called Confetti in Italy, are not just a colorful delicious nutty treat, but are also one of the most used party favors for all sorts of events, weddings among other. That’s why, being there a large production of Confetti in the area, the Town has decided to base the life and local production the primal form of business.With the several factories in Sulmona, this place has gained the famous brand of world producer of Confetti. Other than the industrial production, the artisans have mastered quite a creativity intuition
      Selling their produce first hand, in the shops around town. In a form of colorful flowers, ornamental pieces, grapes, butterflies, cartoon characters, and other great inventions that are so nice to see and delicious to eat.This town, with its traditions and curiosities is always so colorful and joyful, that it looks like Springtime all year round.


    10. In perfect Easter style, which takes place in Spring, the final place of the list would be the town that was movieset of several Hollywood movies, such as Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”, MateraMatera in the spring 

      Matera is included in the list of the most famous and visited artistic cities during springtime.
      The official list sees it in 5th position after Florence, Rome and Venice.This fascinating city, is a mandatory venue in any bucketlist. Especially during spring. After all, this season is ideal to visit the so called City of Stones, beautiful of course but that turns into a heated furnace in summer.Climbing along the narrow streets uphill, exploring the caves and very ancient buildings, going up and down the narrow, steep stairs, you will discover a truly magical village, inspiring and admired all over the world. Due to its excessive, degradating state in the 50s when it was semi-abandoned it was known in the early years as Italy’s shame
      However with an association of hardworking locals, wealthy and cultural organizations, the town of Matera was recuperated and restored into the marvelous gem we all know today.

      The structures, carved entirely in the stone, host several museums and luxury hotels. The restorations and repurpose of the Town was aimed to maintain it’s peculiar architectural aspect. Thanks to which it gained the title of World Patrimony by UNESCO in 1993.

      The historical center of Matera is known as the actual City of stones, carved and built ontop of a deep sloap called the Gravina, that divides the territory of Matera completely in half.
      As Mel Gibson said:
      “Some parts of this city are over 2000 years old, the architecture, the entire blocks of rocks that hosted constructions and houses, the surrounding areas and the stone grounds, added a special perspective and a background that we used to create the imposing sets of Jerusalem. The first time I saw Matera, I lost my mind! It was simply the perfect ambient to use in the film.”

      This is certainly the truth. Matera is one of those things you can hardly forget. The slopes, the prairies, the forests and this impressive construction, made of tiny niches one next to the other, to think that people used to live here in ancient times is simply amazing.

      Spring in Matera is absolutely beautiful. This site, a museum en plain air is full of history and traditions, a place that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world, used in films as movie sets and simply to recharge and find inspiration in life. Matera is an incredible town to visit during your spring in Italy.

    So, in conclusion, our peninsula is the ideal destination for a Spring vacation. Here is where you can enjoy beautiful sunny days visiting wonderful places, from the most conventional and famous to the unknown gems of the Italian Countryside. Visit Italy in Spring! We guarantee you will not find anything like it.

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