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    Spring Fling in Rome: What’s not to love?


    Springtime in Rome dances to its own tune, and trust us, it’s a remarkable show! Picture this: April and May roll around, and suddenly you find yourself in the midst of Mediterranean magic. The weather? Perfectly pleasant. The scenery? Bursting with vibrant colors courtesy of blooming flowers and lush plants. But wait, there’s more! Spring festivals sprinkle extra fun like confetti, and guess what? The tourist crowds are not as full, giving you the privilege you deserve to explore without the hustle and bustle. So, buckle up and get ready to savor Rome’s springtime splendor like never before!

    Spring in  Rome is the perfect season to visit: less crowds, comfortable weather, and many outdoor activities to consider

    The dark gray shades of winter are long gone, with the arrival vibrant colors of a new spring in Rome. The streets are filled with opportunities. Romans welcome the new season by filling balconies and streets with plants and flowers, creating a joyful, inhebriating atmosphere. The public parks , like Villa Borghese all the way to Villa Ada, and the botanical gardens are ready to welcome visitors. A walk around these green areas of Rome are like a breath of fresh air.

    Picnics and bike rides on weekends are the perfect activities, shopping the Shop Districts is more pleasant. The vibe from Via Del Corso, dei Condotti and up to the Spanish steps is amazing. With windows displaying new seasonal couture, to match perfectly with the “flower-y” vibe out in the streets.

    Nature and urban life, coexist in a beautiful living painting

    The Rose grove: On the edge of Aventine Hill, near the Circus Maximus, you cannot miss the beautiful Roseto di Roma. The most beautiful botanical garden of the Eternal city, hosts more than a thousand varieties of Rome. A wonderful scent fills the air. Spring is the perfect occasion for a nice, stress free walk to discover the different kinds of flowers. In one of the most romantic parks in the City. The Rose grove is open from April 21st to June 19 from 8:30am to 7:30pm, every year, during the blooming season.

    Wisteria in bloom wrapped around the beautiful facades of Via Margutta, near the Spanish steps, the famous street of the Artisan laboratories. A poetic reality to discover.

    The Spanish steps trimmed with Azaleas in pink and red tones to symbolize Spring’s awakening, but also prevention against breast cancer and slm. You could infact find volunteers selling these plants around the stands in the Squares, to raise money for prevention and research. A very important cause, heartfelt by Rome’s community.

    The orange grove in bloom and hidden secrets

    Spring in Rome calls for a mandatory visit to the famous Giardino degli Aranci, the Orange grove park. Famous for the breathtaking vistas on the entire Eternal city. While you’re there, stop by the famous “keyhole” next door. The door that hides the private Estate of the order of Malta’s Knights, from which you can see, by peeking into the key hole Saint Peter’s Dome, framed in a terrace trimmed with seasonal plants.

    A Hidden Gem in one of the youngest neighorhoods of Rome

    In the EUR district of Rome, created by Mussolini following the Universal Exposition of Rome, you can find an artificial lake, called “Il Laghetto dell’Eur”. Where Romans like to unwind, go for a walk or exercise, away from the buzzing city center. This is the perfect location for a picnic and water sports. But not many know that this lake is trimmed by beautiful cherry trees. That bloom in Spring, putting on an amazing show for visitors. Travelers from all over the world take advantage of this particular season to come to Rome and witness this romantic event.

    The weather is almost always perfect. What better occasion to enjoy a nice lunch outdoors?

    Why not take advantage of the many amazing trattorias in the old City center? Like in Campus Martius or Trastevere. Hidden in narrow streets, colorful old buildings, with balconies and terraces already full of plants and flowers and centenary ivy climbing up the sides all the way to the top. An exciting occasion to dine in a nice, typical atmosphere of a Roman spring.

    Beware of the unpredictability: as part of the Roman experience, the weather too can change in a heartbeat

    In fact, like the different sceneries, the weather in Rome can change when you least expect it. One minute you find yourself surrounded by Renaissance buildings and the next you’re catapulted in the ruins of ancient Rome. One minute you are enjoying the sunshine and warmth, the next you’ll get the chills from a cool breeze and rain clowds hovering over, without a warning. Not to worry, it is just temporary. But you may want to dress in layers, just in case. The saying “always take the weather with you” does not apply when in Rome. The Eternal city abides to its own rules.

    The rain won’t stop anyone from enjoying their time in Rome

    Should you be surprised by a sudden downburst, which isn’t uncommon during Spring in Rome, you could opt for a stop to enjoy a gelato or an aperitivo. And you can always take cover in the many public sites like churches and monuments that are always open. There is always something to see, even in the most unexpected places: Churches are not just religious sites in Rome, they unveil a vast amount of treasures from artworks to frescoes. And the architectures in general are absolutely noteworthy. You never know what you may find, by just taking cover from the rain. Rome is full of suprises. And if you happen to stumble upon the Pantheon, during your walk in the rain, we guarantee the ultimate unexpect photogenic moment. With the rain coming down from the ceiling inside, trust us, you are in for a nice surprise.

    Spring in Rome is the most convenient moment to visit

    Not just because of the weather or the many activities, but also because of the costs in general. For example plain tickets are less lengthy during these particular months in Spring. We all know how high the rates can be, during summer or winter holidays. Mid-season deals are always around the corner. As mentioned, the city seems to be less crowded and you can find there to be less visitors, and less crowds in line in certain attractions. Hotels are cheaper and you have the chance to find better available accommodations than the ones you could encounter if booking during full high season.

    Spring is also an important anniversary for Romans: Rome’s Birthday!

    This year, on April 21st, Rome celebrates its 2777th Birthday! The perfect occasion to visit Rome. Celebrate with us: On the weekend closest to April 21st, hundreds of historical re-enactors (arriving from all over Europe), gather in a parade that covers the most important sites of Rome, like the Colosseum, all dressed in typical Roman garments, to celebrate the birth Eternal city. The event starts around 10:00am and carries out until 4:00 in the afternoon. Every year the city of Rome creates special events in honor of Rome’s Birthday. There are several Museums to visit, special expositions and activities specifically created for the occasion. The Associaton of the Gruppo Storico Romano, a community of Romans and gladiator enthusiasts, organizes different events from Gladiator fights to parades and exhibitions. Festivities take over an entire weekend.

    The light show at the Pantheon

    Every April 21st, something magical happens at noon in Rome’s Pantheon. The sun’s rays shine through the oculus, spotlighting the bronze door. It’s the same entrance once used by emperors, now welcoming visitors. This captivating moment adds an extra touch of grandeur to Rome’s birthday, delighting both locals and tourists alike.

    After all the Natural events, planned activities and fun facts, you can’t forget to mention food when talking about Rome in Spring!

    Prepare to fall in love with seasonal Italian cuisine! Italians cherish the flavors of each season, celebrating fresh fruits and vegetables that grace their tables. As spring blooms, here are a top 3 selection of dishes you absolutely have to try in Rome:

    1) “Carciofi alla Romana o alla Giudia” Roman style baked artichokes take center stage, tempting taste buds with their crispy fried goodness in the trattorias of the Jewish Ghetto. Alternatively, savor them soft baked and cooked with mint.

    2) “Supplì al telefono” Romans’ cherished street food, perfect to enjoy during a spring stroll. A deepfried rice ball of goodness, with gooey Mozzarella Cheese filling and Bolognese sauce. Called “al telefono”, literally translated to “over the phone”, because if you break open a Supplì while it’s still piping hot, the melted mozzarella heart forms a stretchy string resembling a telephone cord.

    3) “Fiori di Zucca” a fried stuffed zucchini flower, filled with Mozzarella and an anchovies. There are other versions where the stuffing is made of herbs and ricotta cheese. But we would say that the traditional Roman style “Fiori di zucca”, are stuffed with Mozzarella, the queen of cheese.

    4) “Puntarelle”, chicory sprouts. Romans don’t waste anything when it comes to food. Chicory sprouts are a perfect example. These are usually a part of the chicory you wouldn’t consider serving as a vegetable. However, Romans have made it a traditional seasonal delicacy. Served with a bold savoury condiment, made with garlic, vinegar and anchovy paste it becomes a nice fresh, crisp dish, perfect to enjoy in Spring.

    5) “Fave e Pecorino” Enjoy a quintessential Roman snack with ‘Fave e Pecorino’: tender broad beans straight from the pod, paired perfectly with a slice of flavorful Pecorino cheese. This classic combination is a staple appetizer in numerous Roman trattorias.

    Top off your Roman culinary Spring adventure with a sweet finale: gelato!

    While gelaterias abound year-round, spring marks the perfect time to kick off gelato season. Treat yourself to artisanal creations crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients like luscious strawberries. With a myriad of flavors to choose from, indulge in a scoop that suits your palate. Personally, I recommend a delightful trio reminiscent of Italy’s flag: strawberry, pistachio, and stracciatella, a blend I adore for its exquisite taste. If you’re joining us on a day tour from Rome or a Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia, make sure to include a visit to a gelato parlor in your itinerary and relish in this special and refreshing delight!

    Spring in Rome unveils a medley of delights, from festivals to culinary adventures. Embrace the city’s blossoming parks, seasonal delicacies, and cultural celebrations. Let the spirit of the season captivate your senses and create unforgettable memories.

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    Civitavecchia Shore Excursion to Rome and Vatican

    When Docking into Civitavecchia Port, you want to make sure to experience your time in Rome and Vatican the best way! That's why we are here. To offer you the best possible experience of Rome and The Vatican in a day. Start off with one of our private tour drivers to greet you, directly at the dock of your cruise ship in Civitavecchia Port. After a brief introduction, you'll tour will start. Arrive in Rome to find hundreds of different sceneried in one setting, a mix of Ancient architectures, Nature and Modern infrastructure. All perfectly coexisting. Welcome to Rome on a private tour of Rome and Vatican! First off, Piazza Venezia to admire The Monument of the first Italian king. Furthermore, there’s Mussolini’s balcony, the Capitoline Hill (one of Rome’s seven legendary hills) and the Roman Forum. Make sure not to miss the Colosseum! After that, you’ll head to the Pantheòn, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and enjoy the outstanding view of Rome from the Pincio Terrace, and Piazza Navona. After so many fantastic things you've already seen this morning, you'll have to "carb up" for the best part of your tour! The Vatican Museums Your private tour driver will take you at the entrance, that unmissable doorway, surmounted by high walls and a distinctive plaque that says " Musei Vaticani" he will give you all the instructions on how to enjoy your time in the Museums completely along with the Sistine Chapel. *Upon request, we can arrange one of our expert guides inside the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel: Having one of our qualified guides would offer you an immersive opportunity, to learn absolutely everything there is to know about this incredible place: From peculiar traditions to art, history and literature, along with granting you direct access to Saint Peter's Basilica. Since the only known public entrance to Saint Peter's would be from all the way outside in the Square (for which the lines are usually very long) our guides have permission to enter the Basilica directly from inside the Vatican, after you've visited the Sistine Chapel! Visiting the Basilica other than with the guide would not be possible. Since it's entrance is free, it is usually very crowded, lines are very long not leaving enough time for you to visit it, if without a guide Since we have top level experts, the costs are appropriate to the quality of service. In case you are considering one of our private guides to take an exclusive tour of the Vatican, you can select its service during the booking process to add it to the cost for the tour. However, if you are more incline to visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, without the Basilica as a priority, we definitely recommend visiting the Vatican on your own. At your own pace, to fully appreciate everything you'll see, without having to stick to a prearranged itinerary. You could also consider Audio-guides, with amazing explanations and virtual itineraries to choose from.  For a personalized tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. At a lighter rate, given the extra costs. We will be happy to arrange skip the line tickets, with privileged entrance of course, (bookable as extras) for you to explore the Vatican's freely on your own. This way you can enjoy visiting each chamber, admiring beautiful artifacts, statues, paintings and frescoes in any of the Museums inside the Vatican you'd like to see, entirely at your own pace! Audio-guide tickets, to download directly on your phone, for an interactive tour of the Museums and Sistine Chapel, still at your own pace. Spending your time in awe and your nose in the air! The most incredible beauty awaits! Visiting the Vatican Museums on your own, will allow you to visit the different wings , like Raphael's Rooms, Cortile Della Pigna, Belvedere, Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries or the Gallery of Maps. And the Sistine Chapel. Since the Basilica of Sain't Peter's has free access, they've devoted it's entrance directly from Saint Peter's Square, so there isn't a way to enter the Basilica from inside the Museums. Just know that depending on the number of visits in a day, some wings might be closed. But this won't matter at all, we can assure you, there is just so much to see, you'll hardly even notice! Last but not least, on this Rome and Vatican tour, the magnificent Sistine Chapel! This incredible masterpiece, Michelangelo's heritage. We don't want to say too much about it, because we don't want to spoil the surprise. Just know that you will have some time, inside this chapel, to take a moment. To reflect on the overwhelming beauty. Take a seat in one of the chairs placed at it's sides, or stand in the middle and look up, to study the different details of the scenes and stories that have inspired the artist. Then you'll head to the exit, walking along the famous spiral stairwell. Still in awe, after the incredible experience. You'll reunite with your tour driver at the exit and then head back to Civitavecchia Port, to board your ship in perfect time.

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    Day Tour of Cassino and Caserta from Rome

    Your private tour driver will welcome you at your hotel in Rome, for your wonderful day tour of Southern regions of Italy. Visit Monte Cassino and Caserta. Take your time to get a taste of what these beautiful locations have to offer. Cassino, known for its famous Abbey founded in 529 AD, one of Europe’s oldest, by St. Benedict. The monastery located high above the town of Cassino, a top Monte Cassino, has been destroyed and rebuilt a total of 4 times during its 1500 year history -the last time following a massive World War II bombing. Today, you will find it returned, more than ever, to its ancient greatness. The Monte Cassino Monastery is home to brilliant works of art and houses rare books in its library, archives and museum, which the Benedictine monks will proudly show you when visiting. Caserta is on our to Naples; we will stop at the Caserta Palace, the so-called “Versailles” of Italy. It was built by King Charles, the Borbon, in the 18th century to give his Kingdom of Naples a new and fortified capital from naval invasions and similar military offensives. You will be astounded by the immensity of the palace’s 1,200 rooms, packed with precious artwork, as well as the property’s 5 hectares of carefully manicured gardens, 75m high waterfall, and numerous marble fountains. Your English-speaking tour driver will suggest to you some local restaurants for lunch in the area. In the afternoon, you can explore some of the local highlights. After, we will drive back to Rome.

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    Day Trip from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi

    Our tour driver will welcome you at your hotel or any other place of your convenience in Rome for a memorable tour of Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. Your first stop will be Pompeii. One of the most famous locations in the World. It is intriguing and interesting and so fascinating. You will enjoy strolling along in the ruins of the ancient city, where everything has been preserved so incredibly. Here, *upon request we can provide a local, archaeological expertise English-speaking guide for a private 2 hour walking tour into the ruins of this ancient city. This will give you the best opportunity to discover the way of life during the times of the Roman Empire. You’ll then head for the famous Amalfi Coast next! You will drive through the city of Amalfi, capital of the divine coast, then stop to visit Sorrento or Positano. Your tour driver will be happy to take you in one of these locations, and recommend some local restaurants for a traditional Mediterranean meal! The great thing about this tour is that you can decide which venue to explore. Positano or Sorrento, the choice is yours! Just let us know your preference, we’ll take care of the rest. Positano, one of the most beautiful seaside villages of the Amalfi coast. Narrow streets that slowly descend from the hilltop to the beautiful beach with picturesque boutiques that will warmly welcome you for a stroll. Sorrento, known for its famous coast line and charming little boutiques. You will then head back to Rome.

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    Day trip from Rome to Argentario Coast

    If you are looking for a slice of seaside in Tuscany in an out-of-the-way, then you should definitely visit the Monte Argentario. Surely one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany Monte Argentario, with its mountain, its shores, beaches, lagoons and natural reserve, is the ideal place for nature walks lovers. There are two pretty harbor towns perfect for sightseeing: Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. Porto Ercole where bars and restaurants are interspersed with terraces overlooking the sea and shops made by former warehouses of fishermen. Porto Santo Stefano is the largest town on Monte Argentario and is situated in a picturesque bay, complete with a bustling old port, busy streets and a chic marina, which is often frequented by more than a few luxury yachts! You can take a relaxing stroll around, and stop at the Piazza dei Rioni for a cool drink or gelato at one of the many bistrots. There is also a wonderful Spanish fortress situated in a dominating position and built to control the port during the Spanish rule in the 17th century. Have lunch in Porto Santo Stefano! It has a fantastic culinary reputation for the excellent seafood, many Italians from Rome and Northern Italy are also drawn here. On the way back to Rome you can consider another stop in Capalbio, a charming medieval town, very lively all year round.

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    Day trip from Rome to Pompeii and Herculaneum

    Pompeii is a buried and ruined Roman city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the commune of Pompeii. It, along with Herculaneum (its sister city), was destroyed, and consequently buried during a catastrophic eruption of the volcano, Mount Vesuvius spanning two days on August 24, 79 AD. The volcano collapsed higher roof-lines, and buried Pompeii under many meters of ash and pumice. It was lost for nearly 1,700 years before its accidental rediscovery in 1748. Since then, its excavation has provided an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city at the height of the Roman Empire. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another location you’ll visit is Herculaneum, an ancient Roman town, located in the territory of the current commune of Ercolano. It is most famous for having been lost, along with Pompeii, in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Since the discovery of bones in 1981, some 150 skeletons have been found. Herculaneum was a smaller town, with a wealthier population than Pompeii at the time of its destruction. Our tour driver will be happy to suggest some local, typical restaurants in that area. After lunch, your English-speaking tour driver will drive you back to Rome.

    price from €850.00

    Day trip from Rome to Siena and more

    On this private tour you will see some enchanting locations, hilltop villages and the atmosphere that makes Tuscany so unique. Siena, in the Tuscan Countryside, is quaint and boasts with so many things to see. From Medieval streets and squares, to it’s Gothic buildings that still preserve an interesting charm. Visit the Gothic cathedral and Torre Del Mangia and other unique sites. Although, Piazza Del Campo is probably the most famous spot in town, as its the place where the World famous “Palio Horse Race” is held. The Century long traditions are very important! After the visit, we’ll proceed to San Gimignano This Town has so many interesting features you wouldn’t want to miss like the Towers, the “Duomo” or Collegiate Church, the “Palazzo Del Popolo”, the town hall, S. Agostino Church, the Museum of Holy Relics, and the infamous Museum of Torture. And of course, San Gimignano is known World wide for the famous productions of “Vernaccia” wine. Why not stop in a local restaurant for a delicious meal to pair with exquisite local wine? Your driver will be happy to recommend a perfect place. At the end of this interesting and relaxing day you will enjoy a pleasant journey back to Rome.

    price from €125.00

    Day trip to Florence and Pisa from Rome

    When in Rome, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity of visiting as much as possible of the surroundings. There is so much to do and see! Also, Rome is in the perfect strategic point to travel to other regions in a day! Take Tuscany, for example. A neighboring region with a ton of things to offer. For this activity we are happy to arrange a private tour on a day trip from your Rome location, to visit Pisa and Florence. If you'd love to see these cities in Tuscany but you don't know how to reach them, you can cross them off your bucket list! One of our professional tour drivers will welcome you in any requested locations of yours, in Rome. You will then head to the country, on one of our luxury vehicles, a spacious Mercedes V Class Limovan or a Sedan, for a more intimate experience. Driving on the Highway of the Sun, l'Autostrada del Sole, as it's called here in Italy (a highway that travels across Italy from North to South) you will get to learn more about the locations you'll visit, thanks to the knowledge and funny anecdotes of your personal tour driver. Drive along different sceneries, cypress hills, sunflower fields, vineyards, olive tree groves, quarries and windmills. Pisa, one of the 4 Italian Maritime Republics Being it nestled on the coasts of the Tyrrenian seas, it was once a prominent Maritime Republic, along side Amalfi, Genova, and Venice. Now it is a quaint little city really, easy going living is a priority here. It hosts one of the most important universities in Italy, one of which was founded by Napoleon in the 1800s, La Normale di Pisa. This city is marvelous. An emblem of Italian art and literature all over the world. And architecture obviously. The high points of Pisa in fact, are not only the artistic and literary aspects. But its buildings too. Everything from Middle Ages, Renaissance with a hint of Gothic, Pisa boasts with beautiful architectures. Take the Leaning Tower, for example. A bell tower that is an architectural digest finished in 1372. Which is part of a 3 building complex dislocated and overlooking Piazza dei Miracoli, adorned with immaculate green fields, along side the Cathedral of Pisa and the Baptistry. Florence, the Noble Town (Città Nobile as Dante depicted it) Once in Florence your tour driver will make all the suggestions on what to do first, what to see, where to go. You will reach Porta Romana, a street where your tour driver will stay while you enjoy touring the city. Then off for a great time in Firenze! You can visit the famous Saint Mark's Square, where the Academy of the Fine arts are located. Galleria dell'Accademia, or Accademia Gallery is definitely a MUST SEE. It hosts several paintings, sculptures and artworks from so many artists in Renaissance times, like Allori, Pontormo and Michelangelo. Speaking of which, among other impressive masterpieces, make sure to see the David, one of Michelangelo's finest works. Walking through Via Ricasoli you can "stumble upon" Saint Mary of the Flower, the Florentine Cathedral. You can't really miss it. Literally! This church is Europe's third Largest Cathedral. With a dome created by Brunelleschi in the 15th Century and the naves on the inside beautifully decorated with Giorgio Vasari's paintings of the last judgement scene of Heaven and Hell. Another Mandatory stop is Piazza della Signoria Beautifully decorated with magnificent statues from Giambologna, Benevenuto Cellini, Bartolomeo Ammanti and Pio Fede. While you are here in the square, make sure to admire the Loggia dei Lanci, another selection by a multitude of artists are hosted here, from Statues to artwork. But you can't visit Florence without a stop to view the Old Bridge, il Ponte Vecchio. A promenade, really, that crosses the Arno river. A bridge that seems so fragile and precarious, with buildings swinging on top of it, it seems. But this bridge is stronger than it looks! It was built in a different time, the 14th century, it is incredibly sturdy. Even if not enough to house families and homes. That's why the buildings on Ponte Vecchio host workshops and boutiques today, some of which owned by Florence' most important jewelers. When in Florence you can also see the Giotto bell tower, the Baptistery, Palazzo Vecchio and S. Lorenzo district, famous for its leather market. At lunch we highly recommend a meal in one of the Taverns in the city, where locals usually go. Because, let's face it: who, better than the locals, know where the best spots are to eat a good meal? You can sample some local delicacies, that are not so delicate but oh so tasty and delightful. Pici all'Aglione are strongly recommended, a pasta dish with a tomato sauce spiced with a particular variety of garlic that doesn't grow anywhere else in the world. Or The Fiorentina, the famous steak. A ton of meat for just one person, so come with an appetite or you'll end up splitting your steak with three other people (just joking, of course. But it is big) After Florence, you'll enjoy a nice gentle ride in the countryside, all the way back to your location in Rome.

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    Day trip to Perugia from Rome with Wine tour

    Discover Umbria, one of the smallest Italian Regions, but still breathtakingly beautiful, called the Green heart of Italy. As you travel through the typical landscapes you will reach Perugia, World famous for its chocolate productions. Once in Perugia you will see the Maggiore Fountain, the gothic Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Town Hall within Palazzo dei Priori. Perugia is also known for an intense chocolate production. The traditions behind this delicious product are quite ancient and very interesting. All sorts of Chocolate-related events take place here. Like the “Euro-chocolate". Where contenders from all over Europe reunite in Perugia to share their local productions and cultural traditions in the art of making chocolate and sweets! This happens every year in October, attracting thousands of chocolate lovers and enthusiasts from all over the World. Normally it lasts a few weeks, until October 22nd, approximately. But aside from these particular events, there are chocolate related things you can do all year round here. For example, why not take advantage of your time in Perugia, by browsing the many Chocolatier boutiques? Aside from the Architectures and landmarks, make sure to do a little "shop and taste" in the artisanal chocolate shoppes. A special box of delicious craft chocolates of every kind, would be a perfect souvenir to take back home from Perugia, the Switzerland of Italy (when it comes to chocolate of course)! After visiting the splendid town, your tour driver will take you to visit one of the numerous wineries in the area. Explore the estate, tour the cellars and take in the beautiful scenery from the vineyards. Let the owners guide you through an exciting experience, taste a selection of their finest wines, EVO Olive oil and other local products like cured meats and cheeses to pair or not to the tasting. A private wine tasting to sample some local wines is the perfect cap to the perfect day. After such a delightful experience, your personal tour driver will take you back to Rome on a pleasant, leisurely drive through the green heart of Italy.

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