A relaxing daytrip to Saturnia’s Hot springs


    The Saturnia Hot Springs have been famous Thermal baths since the Etruscan-Roman Era, when even Kings, Emperors and Popes were accustomed to spending their vacation in the heights of leisure, searching for wellness and relaxation to soothe the body and the mind in these places.

    And could you blame them? The free Thermal baths of Saturnia are called “Cascate del Mulino”, the Mill’s Waterfall, literally. To this day, new comers are often amazed by the beauty of the spectacular streams bypassing this Mill in Saturnia.  A farmhouse-like construction with a giant mill on the side that gently gathered thermal water at the highest sustainable temperature for humans. With waterfalls gently sliding from one pool to the others below, creating a wonderful spectacle of dancing waters. Steam puffing in the air, rich with sulfur, creating an enchanted, almost ethereal atmosphere, suspended in time and space. A little paradise in open air, seven days a week from dusk till dawn. In this article you can learn a little more on what is one of our most popular Day Trips from Rome to Saturnia.


    Saturnia is located in Southern Tuscany, in the Province of Grosseto. The village of Saturnia is approximately 94 miles north of Rome. Being it closer to the Thyrrenean coast than the more internal areas of Tuscany, the best way to reach Saturnia’s Hotsprings is by taking the beautiful Via Aurelia, bypassing some of the most beautiful sceneries of the Tuscan Maremma. And after passing the town of Montalto di Castro, make a right turn to take the Provinciale 105, that will take you straight to Saturnia.

    With its history, myths and legends these famous hot springs captivate visitors from all over the world

    There are different legends behind the settlement of Saturnia, in the Tuscan countryside, known for its springs with healing properties. Some say that the name this citadel was given, is because of a dispute between the God Jupiter and his son, Saturn. His overbearing son was greedy and wanted to be recognized as chief of the Gods, and take his place. But Jupiter threw him out of the Heavens and Saturn fell from the sky directly in a hollow cavity in the earth, from which thermal water started to gush. And where the town of Saturnia was later founded.

    Another version of the Legend is that the God Saturn was enraged by the mankind’s war-like constant squabbling. So he stroked a lighting on the Earth, creating a crater from which hot water started to sprout. Generating in a relaxed and serene atmosphere where men were finally at peace.

    Saturnia’s Hotsprings have healing properties, inside and out

    Thanks to constant studies and research, conducted by the major Italian Universities, it’s confirmed that this water, rich with minerals and the combination of 2 gases in particular (hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide) has a beneficial effect on circulation and the respiratory system, with hypotensive effects and purifying properties on the liver. Drinking this water at the source of the spring, on an empty stomach and in small sips can ease digestion. And don’t get us started on the benefits for the skin! It acts as a natural “peeling” and has anti-aging properties, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory.

    We have a feeling that it’s because of all these incredible properties, that Lonely Planet included the Thermal sites of Saturnia in the 10 best thermal sites in Europe (the only one in Italy). And Lonely Planet is possibly one of the best well known Travel guides since 1972. So if they’ve put Saturnia in the top 10 list for best hot springs in Europe, you better believe they are right!

    To fully take advantage of all these incredible properties, one could go to Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort. The outdoor pool is built inside a volcanic crater, which lets out over 132 gallons of water per second, at a toasty 98.6 °F The perfect temperature to stimulate vessel dilation, relaxation and good mood.

    Then there are the beautiful Cascate del Mulino, along the canals of the Gorello river. A beautiful system of pools. That hosts so many beneficial properties, all determined also by the presence of Thermal Plankton, often mistaken as bird droppings. Don’t worry, it is not! Plankton is actually a good sign, that only enhances the positive effects of the water on the body.

    Aside from Plankton other elements like Sulfur bacteria and protozoa in proximity of sulfuric hotsprings, mixed with a certain temperature and lighting, can generate a peculiar vegetation: a muddy, algae-based substance that is quite beneficial, when the vegetation is particularly abundant, it can be used for external use, like a mask or a scrub. With incredible detoxifying and purifying properties.

    What to wear at Cascate del Mulino

    The Cascate del Mulino is completely immersed in Nature and so there are no showers or locker rooms. Unlike Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort, which is a fully equipped facility. The best thing to do when visiting Cascate del Mulino, would be to bring a change of clothes in the car with you, along with your swimsuits, to prepare for a rather wild experience. Always remembering that you are entering a free and uncontaminated place.

    Aside from the Hot springs visit the beautiful citadel

    Also noteworthy is the beautiful city center. Afterall, Saturnia is a beautiful village in the Tuscan Maremma. It attracts thousands of tourists on a yearly basis, arriving from all over the world. To take advantage of its sulfuric waters but also to visit this peculiar region. Rich with history and traditions. When in Saturnia, one can enjoy visiting museums and sites known to host Ancient Etruscan and Roman Relics, aside from Medieval and Renaissance discoveries. The Rustic architectures, are just unbelievable. We definitely recommend taking a stroll around. Perhaps stop to eat at a local Trattoria. Walk around Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the sunny, colorful town square, full of life and flowers. The best moment to visit it would be around lunch time, when the tranquility returns after the morning hustle and commutes. In the heart of this Town square you can find the ancient columns of a Roman Temple. Hard to believe they are over 2000 years old, by looking at how the children in town play and run around them, undisturbed. This village is so full of life and traditions, but it also has an incredible past, that is worth a drive to discover. People here are cordial and perfectly in tune with its surroundings.

    If you are looking into a trip to Saturnia’s Hot springs, don’t think twice. We will arrange a private day trip from wherever you are in Rome. All you’ll need to do is bring your swimsuits. We’ll take care of the rest.

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    Rome trip to Saturnia

    Your tour driver will welcome you at your requested location in Rome. You will head for the beautiful Tuscan Countryside, driving through the gentle hills and beautiful sceneries. You’ll visit Saturnia today. One of the most amazing spa resorts in Italy located in the most beautiful and uncontaminated Maremma, Tuscany. The village of Saturnia is famous worldwide for its unique hot springs and thermal baths. There are two outdoor waterfalls, the Cascate del Mulino and Cascate del Gorello. Visit the Thermal sites in this incredible atmosphere Cascate del Mulino are probably the most famous natural springs in Tuscany. The hot springs of crystal light-blue water flow into dozens of steaming white limestone pools, and are known for their therapeutic and relaxing properties. Your vehicle & tour driver will remain at your disposal for the entire day if you wish to just enjoy a relaxing day in the natural hot springs of Saturnia. Time permitting, on the way back there’s the possibility to stop in Manciano. A pretty hilltop town in the Maremma area of Tuscany. Where you can enjoy the outstanding views of the hill side

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