Universal Exposition of Rome

30 July 2020
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It’s no surprise there is something to see in every corner of every street, in Rome. From ancient and Roman civilizations, to more recent history, the events that took place in this City are available to everyone. Like EUR, the “Universal Exposition of Rome”.

EUR was an outer district/neighborhood of Rome, intended to expand the City limits and rearrange the City-center. In 1930 Mussolini chose this location to host the 20-year anniversary of the Fascism era, celebrated during the World Exposition in 1942. Hence the name, Universal Exposition of Rome, E.U.R.. Imperialistic Roman town planning, was the design for the entire project. However, they never finished the project, because of WW2.

The Fascist-era buildings were later completed around 1950 and 1960, and repurposed as Governmental buildings. The whole district was almost entirely completed in occasion of the 1960 Olympics, held in Rome.

EUR is now a residential neighborhood, mostly owned by Rome’s Municipality and the Government. As you stroll through the Main street, you will immediately notice the extraordinary buildings. The most representative building at EUR, and the symbol of this architectural style, is the iconic Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro. But there is also the Museum of Roman civilization, which is absolutely worth a visit!

When in Rome, we highly recommend a visit in this District. With its iconic buildings and sophisticated features, EUR is just another piece of the intricate Roman history.

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