3 February 2020
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Beyond the River Tiber“, the literal meaning of Trastevere. This is perhaps one of the most intriguing Districts of Rome.

Not only a stronghold in the early Jewish Community, Trastevere is full of history. From Etruscan times to the Middle Ages, this quarter once housed a flourishing fishing and sailing community. Evolving in time, from huts to majestic buildings overlooking the River. In Imperial times, members of the Upper-class used to build their Villas on Trastevere’s River banks, for the exclusive views and strategic position.

So it’s not hard to find Jewish influence and Imperial Roman accents in the modern day Trastevere. As you walk through the narrow cobble streets, you’ll find uneven rows of ancient buildings to surround you in a tight embrace.

You can spot original marble plates with Latin inscriptions, from  Roman times. Symbols of every kind, embedded in the buildings, hiding behind old vines, that rise from in-between the cobble stones, all the way up to the highest colorful balcony.

There is something Romantic about this neighborhood!

Framed by fountains and statues in memory of lost artists, Trastevere is where most Roman painters, poets and writers came to find inspirations, perfectly depicting the peculiarity and beauty of this District.

Trastevere is still an extremely busy Roman quarter. You can find anything from ancient workshops, boutiques to pubs, restaurants and traditional Trattorias.

When in Rome, make sure to stop in Trastevere, for a real taste of Roman history, beyond the Tiber River.

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