Private tour of Venice combination



Unmissable Sites in Venice
Your private guide will pick you up directly from your hotel in Venice at 12:00. The tour starts with Saint Mark’s Square, the heart of Venice, framed by outstanding architecture spanning from the 11th to the 19th century.
First of all, your guide will tell you about the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs and the Prison of the Venetian Republic. You will also hear about the sophisticated mechanism of the Clock tower and the Campanile. In addition, you will go inside the Basilica of Saint Mark  to admire its walls covered with glittering mosaics. Next you will take a relaxing  gondola tour. While  riding through a maze of narrow canals, you will admire the city in a different way. You’ll see also the Grand Canal, Venice’s high street, which sweeps through the heart of Venice dividing the city in half.  The parade of palaces bordering the winding waterway presents some of the finest buildings of the city. The tour will continue  strolling through the backstreets, to finally reach the famous Rialto bridge and the market place. This is one of the liveliest spots in the city where locals buy fruits, vegetables and fish.  Most of all, this is where the best osterie (taverns) are found, so you will taste the typical Venetian Cicchetti (tapas) with a glass of Prosecco wine. Your taste buds will dance and sing! Unmissable Sights in Venice will continue with a boat tour to see the Venetian Lagoon, the peculiar environment that surrounds Venice with a surface area of about 212 square miles (550 square kms). Last, but not least will be the visit to Murano island, the famous glass making center. Here you will admire the amazing skills of  glass masters, who can turn a blob of molten paste into a vase, a sculpture, a goblet or other work of art. You will then return back to Venice with your private boat.

The Enchanted Gondola Ride will start afterwards.
The ideal time to take the Enchanting Gondola ride private guided tour is for sure in the late afternoon, at sunset time.
This is when Venice offers her most charming atmosphere. Venice is definitely best seen in the evening when most visitors have gone,  you can walk through
empty streets and savor the intimate atmosphere of this peculiar city, with her canals,  bridges and narrow alleys.
In summer, when the sun goes down, the sea breeze blows in, lanterns are turned on, and streets glow in the moonlight: this is when you will realize that Venice is the
most romantic city. With this special all-inclusive tour you will walk through the maze of narrow alleys, and hidden labyrinths at twilight. Your local qualified local guide
will take you to discover the dark side of Venice, revealing intriguing stories, and legends about gory crimes and mysterious apparitions, where reality and imagination
come together in the History of Venice. During the Enchanting gondola ride tour, suspense will be cut off a couple of times,  stopping  by some  typical Venetian eateries
to enjoy wine and finger food tasting. You will have the opportunity to taste the famous  Venetian tapas,  called “cicchetti”.
The word cicchetti has long-standing origins and goes back to the 1200 when in the commercial area of Rialto they started to sell quite small portion of food.
When the walking part of your tour will be over, you will board the most tipycal Venetian boat and take a gondola ride  which will offer you a relaxing
and romantic experience to end your evening.
This shore excursion is approximately 8 hours long and is conducted by an official English-speaking guide, which will escort you throughout the tour.

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