Pisa & Cinque Terre private tour


DROP OFF TIME 5:00pm (approximately)
Bottled Water on board, transportation in one of our luxury vehicles, a private highly entertaining English speaking tour driver, who will escort and assist you throughout the tour, without entering the sites with you.
Entrance fees, Meals & Gratuities (entirely at your discretion)

Your English-speaking tour driver will welcome you at the dock beside your cruise ship in Livorno for your private Pisa and Cinque Terre tour

Visit the five small ancient tiny coastal villages on this Pisa and Cinque Terre tour

Built in ancient times by people seeking refuge from the invading Barbarians, the “Cinque Terre” lie between the mountains and the sea; the people, for centuries, endured an isolated life.

You’ll arrive in Portovenere, the driver will give you all the instructions on what you can do and the suggested time to spend in each site.

You can consider taking the Cinque Terre express, a small train that stops in each of these villages.

From Portovenere to Riomaggiore, the first of the Cinque Terre, you’ll have the opportunity to walk on the most famous and easiest trail (a twenty min walk)…the Via dell’Amore (which needs no-translation) trail that showcases magnificent views of the coastline. The path glides above the Sea, beneath the mighty cliffs of the Cinque Terre, and link Riomaggiore to Manarola. Then, you’ll move to Monterosso, the farthest village, where you’ll meet your driver.

At around 4:00pm, after the Cinque terre tour, you will drive back to the port of Livorno, but on the way, an additional stop can be arranged in Pisa for a brief visit of the Leaning Tower and Miracoli Court.


Your private tour driver will welcome you at Livorno Port. He will give you a wonderful tour of these fascinating locations, Pisa to see the Leaning Tower, grab a bight to eat and head for the Cinque Terre. After the tour, he will escort you to your cruise ship in Livorno Port.

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