PICKUP/RETURN LOCATION Rome Hotel or any other place of your convenience
Parking, city passes, fuel & tolls Bottled Water and A/C on board
Transportation in one of our luxury Mercedes vehicles Private, highly entertaining English speaking tour driver
Meals and Entrance Fees
Gratuities are at clients’ discretion

Our English-speaking tour driver will welcome you at your hotel or any other place of your convenience in Rome, for a private tour of the Amalfi Coast

Visit the Amalfi Coast

During this tour your tour driver will assist you with courtesy and be available to answer to any curiosities you may have, suggesting the best places where you can take panoramic photos and the best local restaurants according to your tastes and budget.

Our first stop on this amazing tour is Ravello, the ideal place for a quiet and relaxing walk through the alleys of the historical centre, embellished by splendid coloured gardens.
Ravello host two famous ancient villas, Cimbrone and Rufolo that deserve being visited.

After Ravello we will drive to the town of Amalfi, the main town of the Amalfi coast. There we will give you some free time in order to explore the centre of this old village wich was the most important centre of the Maritime Republics.

The tour continues…

Leaving Amalfi our next destination is Positano, certainly the most impressive town on the Amalfi Coast. In order to get the best out of Positano you need to visit the little town on foot to appreciate its pretty narrow streets, pastel-coloured houses (one on the top of the other) and endless steps carved out of the rock.

Positano is also famous for shopping. “Moda Positano” means hand made clothes: beachwar, woman’s bikini suites, weeding dresses. Positano style is casual and elegant in the same time. You can discover it in a lot of boutiques on the narrows streets of Positano. Your tour driver will be also happy to suggest you some typical local traditional restaurants in the area.

After lunch our last destination will be Sorrento, the city of orange and lemon groves.
Once in Sorrento we highly recommend walking through the narrow local streets where in additions to shopping for local crafts, you will also be able to try the ice cream and of course the world famous limoncello!

After Sorrento you will enjoy a relaxing ride back to Rome.

This tour length approximately 10 hours in total and is conducted by a highly trained tour driver English speaking.