PICKUP/RETURN LOCATION Rome Hotel or any other place of your convenience
Parking, city passes, fuel & tolls Bottled Water and A/C on board
Transportation in one of our luxury Mercedes vehicles Private, highly entertaining English speaking tour driver
Meals and Entrance Fees
Gratuities are at clients’ discretion

Today your tour driver will take you “off the beaten path” to enjoy a day excursion to Sulmona, a fascinating town full of history and art, located in the stunning peaks of the Majella National Park in Abruzzo (about 90 minutes drive from Rome). Abruzzo which is also known as Abruzzi is one of the twenty italian regions situated in the central part of Italy.

Once arrived in Sulmona your tour driver will introduce you the history of this charming little town and will give you some free time to walk around and explore the area. Sulmona has several squares, churches and palaces of historical significance. Your tour driver will be happy to suggest some great typical restaurants in town for an authentic meal.
The region of Abruzzo is well known for great food and strong wines, for pasta lovers we recommend to not miss the “maccheroni alla chitarra” consistening of fresh spaghetti made by rolling pasta dough with a large rolling pin over metallic wires stretched out over wooden box like a guitar. The spaghetti is served with a tomato-based ragout and it tastes absolutely delicious accompanied by a glass of Montepulciano red wine.

Sulmona is also famous across all of Italy and beyond for the production of the country’s finest sugared almonds, known in Italian as “confetti”. Today confetti can be eaten at almost any important event, from weddings, the birth of a baby, graduation or anniversaries and Sulmona remains famous across the country for these and many other sweet treats including chocolate, nougat and pastries.
A visit to the Confetti Pelino factory and Museum is a must. The family has been making confetti since 1783 and it’s the most prestigious name in the industry locally and internationally. They produce and export to the world and have employed generations of Sulmondini. The museum features well-preserved original equipment and photos, and of course you can taste and buy confetti too.
At the end of this exciting day you will enjoy a relaxing journey back to Rome.

This tour length is approximately 10 hours in total and is conducted by an English-speaking tour driver that will not enter sites but drive you around and show you places, pointing out things while explaining what they are, as well as stopping at the places which require a visit and helping you access them.

  • Sulmona full day tour

    A private tour on a day venture to Sulmona, visit a fascinating town full of history and art, located in the stunning peaks of the National Park