The Garden of Ninfa

6 August 2020
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Enchanted, romantic, scented, magical, surreal, beautiful, mysterious, astonishing, dreamy. The Garden of Ninfa is all of these things.

Not very far from the city of Rome, this very unique English Garden lays where a Medieval rural village, called Ninfa, once was. In fact it’s easy to spot the ruins of the ancient buildings scattered throughout the gardens.
The village’s name derives from “Nympheaum”, a temple in honor of the Nymphs. Which rose on a little island in one of the Gardens’ ponds.

The place was repurposed, and parts of the ruins restored only in 1921; although the area has much more ancient origins.
The Garden of Ninfa, now attracts thousands of visitors, for it’s unbelievable features. With an immense variety of species of plants, trees, flowers from all over the world and gentle streams that dance through the grass, this garden looks like a dream come true.

In the Greek folklore, the Nymphs are entities that live in strong correlation with Nature. Protecting the Flora, the water streams, the ever-blooming landscapes. The Garden of Ninfa could not suit it’s name more perfectly.

It is hard to describe the uniqueness and beauty of this place. When in Rome, we invite you to visit the breathtaking Garden of Ninfa. Explore the various sections, discover the ancient ruins, walk across the shiny water streams, on tiny bridges and take in the beauty.

Why not take advantage of the amenities we offer? We guarantee a once in a life time experience.

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