Rome and Cats

Rome and the Cats

As we explore Rome’s innumerous tales and traditions, one thing Romans are particular attached to is Torre Argentina’s Cat Sanctuary. Cats, nonetheless! We know, you must be thinking: “A cat Sanctuary? Could Rome be more interesting?”

The answer is ABSOLUTELY SI!

Rome’s Cat Sanctuary has about 150 feral cats, but the number can vary. They enjoy roaming through the ruins of the four Temples of Largo Torre Argentina (the cat sanctuary is located in proximity of Temple D). A humane society, takes care of the Cat sanctuary, that shelters, feeds and cares for the cats. Thanks to donations and volunteer work, that have provided for the animals for the last 25 years or so. With the city’s continuous hustle and bustle, the cats live an undisturbed, easy-going life, giving tourist quite the show.

When in Rome, stop by Largo di Torre Argentina, and you’ll see how nature, history and the felines co-exist, creating a peculiar scene, with summons, perhaps, to take it easy and enjoy life!

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