Roman church

Roman Saint Augustine

Roman church Saint Augustine in Campo Marzio, is another precious little gem in the heart of Rome. A Basilica surrounded by ancient buildings, so modest and delightful, not far from Piazza Navona.

As soon as you walk into the candid white church, you’ll immediately notice the treasures it conceals. Like most hidden churches in Rome, it hosts masterpieces of great Historical, Artistical and Religious relevance.

Hard not to notice Sansovino (a sculptor who lived in the 1500s)’s “Madonna del Parto“, in one of the niches.  An astonishing miraculous sculpture (according to traditional folklor) depicting Virgin Mary holding her yound child, Jesus.  A majestic Latin engraving above her head, reads: “VIRGO TUA GLORIA PARTUS”, an ode to the Glory of the Virgin for the Birth. A legend behind this sculpture, is that it was based on a portrayal of Empress Agrippina holding  her son Nerone (the 5th Roman Emperor) in her arms.

Then there is Raphael’s astonishing fresco of the Prophet Isaiah, absolutely note worthy.

And you will certainly be amazed by the Madonna di Loreto (also known as the Madonna of the Pilgrims), an incredible painting located in the inner chapel of the church, brought to you by the one and only Caravaggio

Rome is full of surprises. There are so many things to see, from the most popular sites to the most unknown locations. There truly is a story behind every little marble plaque, statue, fountain, church, street or corner.

When you’re in Rome, dive into the local traditions and culture and visit the most intriguing, hidden jewels in Roman history. Choose Discovery  Tours for the real deal!

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