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    On a day trip to the Eternal city you will have a private tour driver to swiftly pick you up in leisure transportation, to take you on a marvelous tour.
    While traveling on ancient roads, lined with centenary pine trees, you’ll reach the city center. You’ll visit the highlights of Rome, some attractions known all over the World,
    other true hidden gems waiting to be discovered.
    The Colosseum, one of the most well-known venues. A pillar of Roman Architecture
    A stroll around the Ancient Roman Forum, is definitely a must to truly appreciate ancient ways where in the Roman life, the Senate, the market place and temples to worship
    archaic Gods and conduct business. Piazza Venezia is next on the list. A famous square with a gigantic, temple-like building, a giant horseman, King Vittorio Emanuele,
    in striking pose, prepared for battle, hosting the tomb of tombs, the Unknown soldier, one fallen soldier to voice the loss of every Italian soldier near and far.
    On the other side of the Square is Mussolini’s balcony, infamous building from which the “Duce” used to gather crowds and deliver megalomaniac patriotic speeches.
    Continue along the busy Via del Corso, to find yourself immersed in the picturesque atmosphere. A giant street with dozens of tiny narrow streets crossing it, in which you can
    find Via Margutta, the street of the Artists, Piazza della Rotonda, with the famous Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, famous for beautiful fountains
    and Renaissance buildings, and more.
    You will see things like never before, with new eyes. Discovering curiosities and architectures and history to make your head spin. Like the Maps of the Empire,
    the Arch of Constantine; Columns, decorated in marble reliefs or hieroglyphs, like the one of Marcus Aurelio. And the House of the Italian Parliament and Council of Ministers.
    Other Roman Curiosities are Capitoline and Palatine Hills, Circus Maximus, where Ancient Romans used to conduct gory battles and entertaining spectacles, Trajan’s Column,
    then The Giant Marble Foot and the Cat Street, The Temples of Apollo, Vesta and Janus. All fantastic things to see, we don’t want to spoil the surprise.
    All these curiosities can sure work up an appetite!
    Luckily for you, your tour driver not only has good taste in arranging the best activity in Rome for you, but also enjoys a good meal. With the ton of Trattorias, Restaurants
    and such, he will select the best ones where you can enjoy a nice, traditional Italian style lunch.
    The exploration continues with a drive by along the Tiber River, from where you can see Castel Sant’Angelo,
    A marvel in architectures, curios shape and history. An Ancient Roman Building of massive proportions. Commissioned by Emperor Hadrian, it was supposed to be his and his family’s
    Mausoleum. However after its initial purposes were dismissed, with the advent of Christianity, it was converted in a fortress in the Papal reign.
    Fun fact: Legend has it, Castel Sant’Angelo was connected with the Vatican, through underground tunnels, used in case the Pope had to flee from Vatican City or not to attract attention.
    At the end of such an Experience in Rome, your tour driver will take you back to your requested location with wonderful stories to tell and beautiful memories of such a great time.
    This private tour is 8/9 hours long approximately and is conducted by two of our best professional tour drivers that will not enter sites with you directly,
    but escort you to each location, giving you wonderful explanations and insights on each visited venue along with assisting you to enter sites
    * Service includes: transportation with 2 Luxury Mercedes vehicle for 9 passengers, all vehicle expense (fuel, toll, city pass, parking etc.),
    and two of our professional private drivers, English speaking
    The total cost for this tour is 1’200,00 Euros net + Tax = 1’464,00 Euros in total (approx. only 163 Euros per person)
    *Additional cost: Skip the line tickets to Colosseum can be booked through us upon request for an additional cost

    *All our rates are not per person but per vehicle and don’t include meals and entrance fees for museums and monuments.
    *Rates may subject to change depending on availability & seasonality.
    We highly recommend to proceed with your booking as soon as possible in order to secure the published price.