Crazy for Gelato!

As we all know, Gelato is a HUGE part of Italian traditions. This delicious treat has been in the lives of Italians for AGES! A common legend behind the first appearances of Gelato in the Peninsula, is about a Roman Emperor, Nero, and how he collected ice from the Italian Apennines Mountains, to mix it with wine and honey and create a Sorbet…

Truth is, Gelato has been around for so long and has seen a great evolution throughout the centuries.
All sorts of flavors come to mind, when we think of Gelato. From the classic fruity flavors and cream and chocolates, to the more bold, innovative and signature flavors, this dessert is a constant surprise!

In an ancient City as Rome, it is only normal to find an historical Ice cream shop. Or Gelaterie storiche, as we call them.

When in Rome, you should visit some of the most important Gelaterie. Some of the most renowned are the famous “Giolitti“, to “San Crispino” and “Palazzo del Freddo di Fassi“.  Some are just around the corner from famous sites, such as the Pantheon or Piazza Navona or the Colosseum! Others are hidden in the romantic streets, in ancient neighborhoods, with ivy wrapping the buildings in a hug and cobble stones lying on the warm, narrow streets.

During your private Tour of Rome, enjoy a Gelato while you glance around or have a seat to relax next to famous attractions, and get a taste of the real Roman living!

Whether in a cone or a cup, a scoop of Gelato will always put a smile on your face. Top it off with some fresh, whipped cream.

You are in for a real treat!

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