A gem in the Borghese Gallery

15 June 2020
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Apollo & Daphne” ~Gian Lorenzo Bernini~

Bernini’s inspiration for this sculpture was based on Ovidio’s tales of the Metamorphosis:

“Apollo is struck by Cupid’s revenge, with a golden arrow, which makes him fall for the beautiful Nymph, Daphne. The nymph was shot with a dart made of low-grade lead, making her reject Apollo’s love. She begs her father Peneus to change her heavenly features, who aroused the young God Apollo so much, so that he would part from her. So Daphne’s father turns her into a beautiful Laurel tree. As Apollo reaches his loved one, her metamorphosis has begun. Her feet are growing roots and her arms are long leafy branches. Apollo attempts to hold her and grabs her by the waist. But her soft skin is slowly turning into the tree’s bark. From that day on, the beautiful tree will be precious to Apollo, he will gird his head with it’s branches and scented leaves. And it will eventually be attributed to artists and poets.”

A Carrara Marble metamorphosis you’ll find in the Borghese Gallery in Rome.

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